VALORANT: Matchmaking Rating (MMR)

  Valorant MMR solves the problem by ranking all players in the game by their competitive skills level, and rewarding them with medals that signify their rank. With the introduction of this new system, players will be able to compete against other players of similar skill levels rather than just anyone on the team queue list. They have a chance at winning more frequently, and get the satisfaction from being able to rank up. What is VALORANT MMR? Matchmaking Rating, or MMR, is a new system that ranks all players in VALORANT by their competitive skill level. This system is designed to match players of similar skills together, so they have a chance at winning more frequently. Players will also be rewarded medals that signify their rank, giving them a sense of satisfaction for ranking up. How do you get your own MMR There are a few different ways to get your MMR. The first is by playing ranked games. The second is by playing in unranked games with friends. Your MMR will be based on the sk

The Richest Gamer in the World

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